Abandoned House With an Awesome Bathroom

Exploring an ABANDONED House with an AWESOME Bathroom

I’ve driven past this abandoned house a few times in the last 2 years while driving to and from astrophotography destinations.

I never gave it much thought, it didn’t look like much and being right at a major intersection it was probably not very interesting.

Then, a few months ago my friend @s0s1nc3r3 posted photos of a really cool bathroom in an abandoned house, it turns out that it was THIS house!

I added this one one to a list of locations to visit on a major road trip in March of 2022, the rest of the house is meh, but man, that bathroom!!!

After posting the photos I learned that this house has been abandoned for less than a year and that it is owned by the government of Ontario probation and parole office.
I also learned that it housed young offenders until last summer when a car went through the lights and ended up under the front porch.
Also I learned that the car was a Mustang and it got wedged underneath the house and that is why the porch is so crooked!!

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