Abandoned House With Disney VHS Tapes

BIG HUGE ABANDONED House Found On The Side of The Road


Check this big abandoned house that I found while driving around!!!!
Last week I posted a small abandoned house and I mentioned that there were three others on the same plot, this is one of those other houses.

It’s a large farm house on a pretty busy road, the home is in good condition, the property isn’t listed for sale and a Google search of the address came up with nothing, so sadly I don’t know what the deal is here.

Upstairs there was one room filled with piles of books and Disney movies on VHS.
It was found on the side of the road and it’s pretty big! I didn’t know it was abandoned and it was pretty scary exploring it by myself.
If you’re looking for a scary place to explore, this is the house for you!
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BIG HUGE ABANDONED House Found On The Side of The Road


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