Abandoned House With a Massive Collection of Vinyl Records

Abandoned House Vinyl Records

This was an awesome and very old decaying abandoned house with many contents left behind from the previous owners.

I had been here on a few occasions in the past, the first time it wasn’t accessible, the second time it didn’t appear very interesting.

This time around however the decay was much better and I found many unique and interesting items that I hadn’t noticed the last time.

In a room upstairs I found several crates full of old classic vinyl records, many were water damaged and had clearly been laying around for many many years.

Come on in and explore this Abandoned House Full of Classic Vinyl Records with me!

I think you guys are really going to like this one!
The first time I was this house was in 2015, I drove by the driveway, walked up and found the house but there was no way in.
I marked it on my map to check up on in the future.
A few years later I went back and found the door was open, I went in, had a quick look around and I was really unimpressed by the 1st 3 rooms, so I left without even taking a picture.
Earlier this year I was in the area so I stopped in and noticed that the decay was much worse and I decided to stay and start shooting.
I noticed a few things of interest, some tables, am old ironing board and a record player, it had been a long time since I took the time to find things and stage them and today I decided was a good day to do this.
I wandered the rooms looking for things, when I went to the attic I found the mother lode!
Those huge old box fans, old luggage, speakers and more, but it was in a closer, tucked in a corner where I found the real surprise, three crates full of old records, and there was some serious gold in these crates!
I probably spent more time lugging things downstairs for my pictures than I did actually taking the pictures!

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