Abandoned Institutional Facility


This location an Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital/Institutional Facility, a portion of the buildings were completely modernized, another portion was somewhat preserved, another was entirely decayed and left to rot while another had been undergoing work. In addition, some of the wings in some wards were entirely sealed off and inaccessible.

This all made for an amazing and interesting explore, we never knew what we would find around any corner.

The tunnel system beneath this vacant institution basically covered the entire length of the property with stairwells that led up to each ward and each wing.

There were parts of the tunnels totally sealed off and inaccessible and above ground there were doorways to wings sealed off with double layers of drywall and dozens of long screws.

Yes – you will see that there is still power on in parts of this facility and like I stated earlier, some parts were modernized and some parts were left entirely decayed and rotting.

The way to the top of this vacant institution was found by taking three sets of spiral staircases up, and up and up until you reached a long dark hallway and found the attic with its exposed wooden beams, long slim hallways and tiny doors to more hallways and tiny rooms.

We found a surgical wing but we found no morgue, we found large grande institutional rooms, we found paintings on the walls for children, little pink patient cells and little blue cells.


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Photo Gallery


Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Update – 2022

This institution was a provincially owned facility which had been used for the treatment of the mentally disturbed since its opening in December 1894.

The facility contains 28 separate buildings dispersed over a landscape of approximately 120 acres. Built in the late 1800’s by the lowest bidder for a cost of $241,438, the hospital opened with a staff of 41 people.

By 1972, the hospital had grown to be one of the region’s largest employers, with a staff of 840. As of July 2009, patients were no longer admitted to this facility, it was 12 years earlier that a provincial health commission urged the closure of this facility, calling for the facility to be closed in 1999.

The closure was urged due to the age of the building, 115 years old at the time, in poor condition, filled with asbestos, no air conditioning, flooding and more.


While there wasn’t a whole lot left behind in this huge old psychiatric institution, it still has lots of unique and interesting features.
There were several interesting rooms and windows with attractive shapes, lines and angles.
On one wing of the hospital they have stripped most of the walls, drywall and plaster away, while on the other side they had not – so you get to see the same rooms two different ways.