Abandoned Long Term Care Home

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This video is an example of what I usually do when scoping out an abandoned building before I get down to business, do my full video tour, and take pictures.

I quickly popped in here 3 days before this video and the alarm you hear was already going off, so 3 days later I come back and it’s still going off. I came to learn that the alarm was still going about 3 weeks later.

No talking or music, this is just me checking things out!

This long-term care home closed sometime in 2022, two care homes in the city were closed and a total of 69 beds between them were combined and residents moved into a newer facility.

This specific facility had 29 beds and was built in 1979, the building was listed for sale in 2021.
There were several news articles stating that the municipality was looking into using this facility for affordable housing, but I can’t find anything more about that past 2021.

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