Abandoned Mansion in the Middle of Nowhere


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This abandoned mansion was once the site of one of the most famous farms in the region.

It was known as a scientific farm where testing was performed to breed chickens for more tender meat, and the milk produced here was world-famous for its taste.

The history of this property has included huge and prized dairy cows, world-champion trotting horses and a major event in the the history of popular culture.

This building is a 9,000-square-foot colonial revival-cut bluestone mansion that was built in the 1920s. The space was used to entertain guests who included dignitaries from all over the world.

The original house plans show a large entrance hall, terrace, pergola, and sun parlour on the first floor, ten bedrooms on the second floor, and lodgings on the third floor.

The mansion remained in use in that capacity until 1958.

The 1950s would mark the decline of the farm, as the owner’s son sold out the land to investors who proposed a golf course, but when the investors learned a major corporation was considering the site for a country club, they backed out.

Between 1958 and the 1990s, the mansion sat abandoned and unused. In the mid-1990s the mansion saw use for a few days as a headquarters for media personnel during a major event.

At one point, the site was considered the site for a dump, but the locals quickly shut that down.
In the 2000s, a casino was proposed for the site, a plan that also garnered large-scale opposition from the locals before it was abandoned.

Finally, In 2020, local residents and business owners purchased the land for $4,000,000 from the family who had owned it since 1961

These local developers are looking to build a $600 million mixed-use destination venue.

The venue would include a 10,000-seat amphitheatre, adventure park, multi-unit housing, technology park, campgrounds and hiking trails, with lots for single-family homes and estates.

As of 2023, absolutely nothing has been done anywhere on this site. At one point it would appear that some renovations and restoration work may have been done on this mansion, but that all seems to have stopped.

A large dumpster out front of the mansion is full of trash and possibly contents from the interior, but from what I could see inside – it seems that little has been done to maintain or preserve this large historic and abandoned 100-year-old mansion.

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