Abandoned Martin Weiche Berghof Nazi House London Ontario

Abandoned Martin Weiche Berghof Nazi House London Ontario

This is the abandoned Abandoned Martin Weiche Berghof Nazi House in London Ontario. The stately home guarded by two Third Reich-style eagle statues was once the sanctuary for Canada’s most radical and reviled Nazi.

It’s a place where a giant swastika was cut into the lawn out back, a place where Ku Klux Klansmen were allowed to burn their crosses.

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Inside, lived a man who not only modelled the spread after Adolf Hitler’s Bavarian mountain home, but who also fought for Germany and spouted some of the Nazi regime’s most disturbing beliefs after finding new life in Canada following the Second World War.

“I am a Nazi, I am not a lunatic,” the late Martin Weiche once told a divorce judge.

Now, Weiche’s sprawling property west of the city is in the middle of another controversy — a nasty family squabble, being played out in court, over his estate.

His widow, Jeannet, lives in the house the old Nazi designed and called “The Berghof” after Hitler’s own home in the Alps.

More than two years after he died of kidney failure at age 90, two of his sons, Jacob and Alan, are suing their father’s estate and Jeannet for control of the 474-sqare-metre house and its five hectares of land.

Two weeks after their father died in 2011, they discovered the property — their father’s only asset — had been left in his widow’s care.

All his furniture and personal things were left to her — except those in the living/dining area, styled after a room in Hitler’s retreat, and a portrait of the genocidal dictator himself.

Those, were decreed to stay permanently with the property.

The sons, two of Weiche’s nine children, claim their late father and stepmother committed a fraud by transferring ownership of the property from the family’s Weiche Estates Inc. to a company they didn’t know about and which was left under Jeannet’s control.

They also say they didn’t know their father dissolved the original family company in 2009.

At stake is the property the sons say is worth $1.2 million that should be developed as their father said he wanted in the 1980s.

The brothers want the court to declare the 2004 property transfer was “fraudulent.” In their statement of claim, they’re seeking an injunction to stop the defendants from doing anything with the property and want a court declaration that Berhof Estate Inc. holds the title in trust for the family.

The case is still before the courts, and none of the allegations has been proven.

Jeannet, Weiche’s fourth spouse and partner since 1991, in court documents has denied all the allegations. She maintains the property is worth about $477,000. She claims it was her husband’s wish to cut out his kids and leave her to manage his beloved estate.

Source: Toronto Sun

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