Abandoned Migrant Workers Dormitory

Abandoned Migrant Workers Dormitory

Set back off a main road in Southern Ontario, this location has been abandoned a very long time. This is evident by walking through it’s hallways and seeing what exposure to many changing Ontario seasons has done to the place.

In the Summer and Fall this abandoned structure is mostly covered by brush, trees and overgrowth. In the late fall, winter and spring it is very easy to spot.

This is one of my favourite abandonments as it is easy to get to, easy to access and had has lots to offer if I am ever just in the mood to explore and shoot.

I first explored this building back in 2012 when I started documenting my explores and I have been back many time since.

On this visit I arrived just after sunset and stayed well into the night as it got darker and darker outside and inside. I found myself dodging bats on many occasions and I also heard the sounds of a screaming raccoon warning me to stay out of one particular room.

It could be easy to get lost in the may long hallways of this old abandoned building, same with the basement, cold dark and many many hallways and rooms to explore.

One of the best things about this abandoned dormitory for migrant workers is the long hallways, dozens and dozens of rooms and the colours. Each hallway was a different colour.

Also, none of the windows are boarded up which means lots of natural light!


Abandoned Dorm Exploring Video


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