Seedy Abandoned Motel and Residence

EVICTED! All Tenants Were Kicked Out of this Now Abandoned Motel & Residence

More than a dozen residents at this now abandoned motel were ordered by their landlord to leave with 2 days notice because the building is being shut down.

The owner blamed the eviction notice on the fire department but the residents and their lawyer said it was a ruse to clear them out to make way for a multi million dollar development.

One female resident who has lived in the house at the Inn since July, she pays $1300 a month, she and a dozen other residents got this notice on Friday, telling her to leave by Monday, “it leaves me, my boyfriend and my 11 year old son homeless is what it will do.”

The notice says the inn is shutting down because of fire regulations, it hasn’t had a working fire alarm system since January, a security guard does fire watch. But the property owner says the eviction and closure is a business decision and she wouldn’t elaborate.

The residents lawyer says the owner is telling her she can evict people with little notice because this is a motel.