Abandoned Movie Theater

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Exploring an Abandoned Movie Theater

Opened in 1974 this classic old movie theater only housed two cinemas.  Cinema 1, the larger of the two seated approx. 450 people and the smaller, Cinema 2 seated about 250 people.

A google search of this location comes up with very limited information, the theater opened in 1974 and then closed its doors in 1985 and would remain closed until 1990 when it was renovated and reopened under a different name.  This newly renovated facility would only last 9 years until it closed in 1999.

It has been vacant ever since.

Searching for information online shows old newspaper ads for movies like “Peter Pan” on July 2nd, 1976, “Aloha Bobby and Rose” on June 27th 1975, “1941” on December 22nd, 1979 and “The Poseidon Adventure” on June 1st, 1974.

Entering the building now, you walk in to thick stale air and lots of water damage all over.  Sadly, the screens have fallen down over time and all of the seats have been removed.  There is a storage room behind cinema 2 with some old seats, I considered pulling them out and setting them up, but it really wasn’t worth the effort.

Interesting observation, the theater has been closed for 18 years but it still has power.  Not all of the lights work in every room, but as you explore this old movie theater you are followed by the hum of power and the odd sound of running water.

I have been wanting to get in here for a few months and had high hopes for what I would find, only to be let down once inside.  However, it was a unique place to enter and a good explore to add to my list.


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