Abandoned Nursing Home in New Jersey

Abandoned Nursing Home in New Jersey

Chased Out: Scary Experience at Abandoned Nursing Home in New Jersey

Somewhere within the United States lies an abandoned nursing home with a rich history. Originally opened in the early 1900s, this three-story red brick building served as a home for Widows and Single Women. Over the years, it transformed into a nursing home, providing private community-type living accommodations for senior citizens, with a capacity for approximately 27 occupants.

The building underwent several changes over the years, including the addition of an infirmary and nursing room in 1935. By 1939, the dining room had been converted into a living room, catering to the local Church’s “Happy Hour Club” and other social events. Despite its vibrant past, the property now stands vacant and deteriorating.

There is, however, hope for its revival. The building could be repurposed into residential units, such as apartments or condominiums, with relative ease. Alternatively, it could be transformed into a school dormitory, offering a creative new use for this historic structure.

As urban explorers, RiddimRyder and Freaktography ventured into this abandoned nursing home, uncovering its secrets and experiencing the thrill of exploration. Their daring escapade serves as a reminder of the hidden stories that lie within these forgotten places, waiting to be discovered.

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Our Experience in This Abandoned Nursing Home in New Jersey

Exploring abandoned places can be thrilling, but it’s not without its risks. In a recent adventure, RiddimRyder and Freaktography embarked on a journey to an old, run-down nursing home in New Jersey. The exterior was a haunting sight, with its decayed walls, broken windows, and overgrown surroundings. Their goal was to find a secret hidden wing rumored to be inside.

As they ventured through the nursing home, the sun began to set, casting eerie shadows and making the rooms darker. Using their flashlights to navigate, they finally discovered the hidden wing. However, their exploration took a dangerous turn when an angry neighbor spotted their lights and started approaching the building, shouting “ay-yo yo” to get their attention.

Realizing they were about to be caught, RiddimRyder sprang into action, diving through an open window like Superman, crashing onto the ground outside. Meanwhile, Freaktography, lacking the same superhuman abilities, carefully climbed out of the window, handing RiddimRyder his camera as he did so.

Their escape was far from over as the angry neighbor continued to pursue them. They scrambled over a fence, sustaining cuts from the branches and weeds in their path. Bleeding and battered, they tried to blend in as they made their way back to Freaktography’s car, expecting to be intercepted at any moment.

Just when it seemed like they were in the clear, the neighbor spotted them and signalled for a large black truck to assist in capturing the trespassers. With quick thinking, Freaktography started the car, executed a swift U-turn, and sped away from the property, narrowly evading capture once again.

Despite the danger and adrenaline, RiddimRyder and Freaktography’s passion for exploration remains undiminished, ready to embark on their next urban adventure.


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