Abandoned Ontario Haunted House Exploration | Urban Exploring Photography

Abandoned Ontario Haunted House Exploration | Urban Exploring Photography


This Abandoned House looks super creepy in person, like a picture perfect Haunted House!

Inside, at one point someone was trying to renovate/restore but that seems to have stopped. On the bright side, almost all of the original details and woodwork have been saved and are laying around inside.

As a bonus, it even comes with a big abandoned bus!

From the outside it’s large and creepy, the windows in the attic have been broken, the front porch is broken and falling apart, and inside there are white curtains on the windows.

On the property there are cars everywhere, and the trees and bushes are overgrown and mostly unmaintained.

Inside, it reminds me of the house from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Walls and plaster removed to expose lathing and exposed brick, bits of original construction materials and decorative elements scattered all about and random furniture in weird places.

This is a picture perfect creepy abandoned house and I’ll be featuring photos from it all week.

I had driven past this house many times on the past and it did occur to me that it may be abandoned, or vacant but with the vehicles on the property you just never know.

But this time I drove by after a few days of heavy snow and much to my surprise there were no tire tracks in the driveway and there was no indication that it had been shovelled at all, so I decided to get a little closer and poke around a bit.

My suspicions were right!