Abandoned Police Station and Justice Building Urban Exploration

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Urban Exploration of an Abandoned Police Station and Justice Building


In 1971, this Police Headquarters was moved from the basement at the local City Hall to this location in what is known as the Justice building.  Up until 2017 this building continued to be shared by the Provincial Courts and the local Police Service.

By May of 1978, the enrolment of of the Force totalled 46 members including 35 constables, 8 sergeants, one staff sergeant, a Deputy Chief and Chief. In addition, nine civilians were employed as clerks and radio dispatchers.

As the need for more law enforcement grew and the local Townships population grew, so did the need for a bigger, better and more state of the art facility.  Eventually, the courtrooms here would close as they moved to a different facility and quickly talks began of what to do with this building.  Studies and tests were completed to assess the costs of upgrading the building and adding to it.

Ultimately, it was decided in 2014 to build a new police headquarters and hope to sell or lease the existing building.  In mid 2017 the police department moved out of this old station and into a brand new facility .  By end of 2017, no interested parties had come forward to lease the building and it was then that town chose to demolish the 1970’s era concrete building.

When I first arrived to explore this building I found two trucks on site and workers busy inside prepping for demo, as well a few big holes had been smashed into the walls.  I returned a few days later in the evening and found the building empty and open for me to explore

It’s a good thing I carry lots of lights with me when I explore!  Even had I gone in the daytime, the area where the jail cells are located is in complete darkness, so my two high powered LED lights and my flashlight were much needed.

This was a pretty simple little spot and I really only photographed the cells, courtrooms and firing range. Since I went at night I couldn’t shoot the hallways or offices.

Once inside, I start from the top working my way down to the basement and then up to the jail cells.  After about an hour or so, I’m at the jail cells and I hear the ruckus of some one entering the building, he person had stepped on a metal pipe and made a ruckus.

I stop turn off my lights and listen. He was really loud and not overly concerned about how much noise he was making. So I close the door to the room I was in and continue doing my thing until I can hear him up the hall.

I decided that before we bump into each-other by accident and things get ugly,  I will go and tell him he’s not alone and that I’m here.  He’s in the basement collecting scrap and whatever other items he things are of value…I call down and he freezes. I call again and say I’m just taking pics and I’m not supposed to be here either…no.answer.  So i turn on my flashlight and walk down..he is hiding behind the stairs.

I said hi and that I wanted him to know I’m here too so I don’t scare the hell out of him.  I say I’m just taking pics in the jail cells so “keep doing your thing and I’ll keep doing mine.” He says “ya I’m just taking pics too” meanwhile he has a bag full of metal and other riff raff in his hands.

Once finished I pack my gear and leave the scrapper to do his thing and hope his noise didn’t draw any attention, it didn’t and i made it out just fine.

An interesting location, jail cells are always fun, there were 3 rooms with cells, two rooms that contained just 2 cells each and then one longer room that held the large drunk tank and then a row of cells, I believe there were 8 in total.  A funny discovery was in the drunk tank, there was dried up vomit all over the stainless steel toilet and sink contraption…which was in the wide open with no privacy!

The Courtrooms

The Abandoned Jail Cells

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