Abandoned Police Station

abandoned woodstock opp station exploring

Exploring an Abandoned Police Station in Ontario Canada

This abandoned police station has been around since at least 2007 and is a popular stop for local Ontario Urban Explorers and Abandoned Enthusiasts.  I first explored the old police station in 2012 and I have returned several times over the years to check in on its status.

The inside of the station has been entirely gutted by vandals and scrappers but the jail cells in the lower level are always interesting, in fact the jail cells get better with time as more and more paint peels and decay accelerates.

The basement is entirely flooded and can only be seen in the deep of winter, however you can only see half of it since the water/ice is more than half way up the walls!

Always an interesting explore – here are some of my photos from over the years of this abandoned police station in Ontario Canada

Abandoned Police Station Photo Galleries

Photos from 2012 and 2013


Photos from 2016, 2018 and 2020