Abandoned RL Hearn Generating Station

Ontario Abandoned Power Plant

Exploring the Abandoned RL Hearn Generating Station

A massive abandoned power plant located in southern Ontario, one of the largest industrial abandoned places to be explored in the area. 650.000 cubic meters of abandoned industrial awesomeness!

The now abandoned power plant was officially opened on October 26, 1951 and then ceased operations in June of 1983.  Explored with my partner in Crime Riddim Ryder Photography in early 2014.

The plant, which has now been stripped of nearly anything from its days as an active power station is now used frequently for movie sets and televisions show productions.  It has also recently been rented out as a special events location for various companies.

The future of this Power Plant site remains undetermined and while the site is watched around the clock by a security company, Urban Explorers and curious adventurous photographers still often find there way in to capture and admire this massive abandoned plant.


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