Abandoned Road to Nowhere

Abandoned Road to Nowhere Fall Photography

Take a Walk Down an Abandoned Road to Nowhere

This abandoned road to nowhere can be found in Etobicoke, Ontario. Once a main road into a former, now Abandoned Children’s Regional Psychiatric Centre, this lonely road now leads nowhere, left overgrown, streetlights broken and left dangling.  Overgrowth, trees and cracks now consume the once busy throughway into a place where parents sent their children for counselling and treatment for things such as developmental, emotional, behavioural, psychological and psychiatric issues.

The province announced in 2012 that the 400 children and youth who are in day programs at the facility — which treats clients with complex mental health, behavioural and developmental challenges will be transferred to community-based agencies.

Now, only 7 years after the closure of this facility the property remains vacant and overgrown with no clear future plans for any of the vacant 11-hectare site.

Abandoned Road to Nowhere Fall Photography


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