Abandoned Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast

Exploring an Amazing Abandoned Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast

This is a location that I know you’re all going to love, similar to an abandoned time capsule house but instead it is an abandoned time capsule bed and breakfast. Located on the main street of a small town in Southern Ontario, from the outside you would have no idea how charming it is inside.

Outside this looks like any other home along the row of older houses, but stepping inside you’re taken back to a whole other period in time and much like with our authentic abandoned time capsule houses, everything inside of this abandoned bed and breakfast is left just as it was on the day they closed the doors. A beautiful sitting room area with a gorgeous couch and photos on the walls.  A dining room area with the table and chairs, a hutch with books, china and games. The kitchen fully stocked with food, canned goods, cereal, dishes and more.

Upstairs there are two levels, the 1st upstairs with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a computer and reading room and another sitting room, from the sitting room it is very easy to miss the “secret” door up to the third level.  It’s almost as though this third level was never meant to be found as the door was well hidden and a table was placed in front of it.  Squeezing through the hidden door and up a set of stairs you’re greeted by two beds, still made, an ensuite bathroom and other items from decades ago.

In the basement, there is alot of mold and black mold, the musty smell in the air is thick and hard to breath and cobwebs have taken over every open space making for a nasty experience.  Many older items scattered about such as tools, toys, games, clothing and some military kit.  Given the instability, the mold and the cobwebs I didn’t spend much time in the basement.

What makes this abandoned time capsule so interesting is the damage and decay that surrounds all of the contents in all of the rooms, paint peeling walls and ceilings, drywall from the ceilings dropped onto the counters, warped and buckling floors and that smell of abandoned and decay.  All of this decay that is consuming the homes contents and design.

This location is surely one of the highlights of my year, as these time capsules are becoming harder to find, it was a much needed explore and location!

A huge thank you to my good friends RiddimRyder and Zenning with Zay who were able to figure out where this location was and sharing it with us!

On with the photos!

Abandoned Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast Photo Gallery

Abandoned Time Capsule Bed and Breakfast 360 Degree Photo Gallery


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