Abandoned Time Capsule Cottage with 1979 Millennium Falcon Star Wars Toy

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Welcome to another exciting episode of urban exploration with Freaktography! In this adventure, we’re taking you deep into the heart of an abandoned time capsule house, an untouched gem nestled on the waterfront of Southern Ontario. This is the kind of abandoned cottage that urban explorers dream of – frozen in time and waiting to reveal its secrets.

Join us as we step into the past, rediscovering an incredible abandoned time capsule cottage where the years have stood still. You won’t believe the treasures we’ve uncovered inside, including an original 1979 Millennium Falcon Star Wars toy! This rare find is a collector’s dream, and it’s just one of the many original Star Wars toys we stumbled upon.

But the surprises didn’t end with Star Wars memorabilia. This abandoned cottage was a veritable treasure trove of forgotten relics, from vintage furniture to old toys and board games like Boggle. We even found a wedding photo that adds a touch of nostalgia to this forgotten abandoned house.

Get ready to explore every nook and cranny of this abandoned time capsule, as we take you through the untouched rooms, showcasing the forgotten history and memories that linger within. This urban exploration adventure is a testament to the magic of abandoned places and the stories they hold.

This abandoned cottage had my senses on fire, mostly because of the absolutely terrible stink that consumed every room!
However, it also had me excited that I may find some interesting things as there was so much left behind in every room.
There were little logs of animal poop all over, so as I am side-stepping and avoiding getting it on my boots, I was also avoiding cobwebs and all kinds of other nasty stuff that I didn’t want to touch. I couldn’t move too much stuff around since everything was covered in so much dust and whatever else.
The abandoned cottage is plopped in the middle of an active road with lived-in homes and people’s cottages, so getting in undetected took a while. Often, in cases like this place it might look abandoned, as many cottages usually do but it’s just a messy and rustic-looking cottage.
That was not the case here, this place is definitely abandoned and no one has been here for a very long time.
Anyway, in my search for cool and interesting things, I poked my head into a closet where I saw a large bin full of toys – I saw a large grey castle and my heart rate picked up – could this be a Castle Grey Skull from HeMan? Of all of the cool things I have found over the years, I have not yet found a Castle Grey Skull.
I pulled the large plastic toy out from the dusty bin and placed it on a chair, the “Fischer Price” sticker immediately told me I had not found a Castle Grey Skull.
However, that disappointment would quickly turn back into excitement as I looked back into the toy bin and spotted an original Star Wars Millennium Falcon toy from 1979. This was definitely some kid’s favourite Christmas present from 44 years ago.
I pulled it out, it was not in very good condition but this was a very unique discovery that would definitely get people amped up!
Taking photos from all angles and filming it for my video, I inspected and enjoyed this potentially valuable 1970s/1980s relic and then placed it back in its dusty bin where I found it.
Thank you to s0s1nc3r3 for this awesome discovery!

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