Abandoned Time Capsule Farmhouse | Forgotten Antique Audio Equipment

Abandoned Time Capsule Farmhouse Antique Audio Equipment

Abandoned Time Capsule Farmhouse | Forgotten Antique Audio Equipment

This was a really interesting abandoned time capsule farmhouse that was discovered and shared with me by my friend Ground State Photography.

The home was filled will all kinds of valuable audio equipment from decades ago and it was all kept upstairs.

Due to the extremely steep stairs and the obvious declining health of the elderly man who lived here, the upstairs had not been accessed for many many years.

The main level, while messy, was a bit more modern and clean while this upstairs area was forgotten, very dusty and filled with old audio and video equipment and a number of old typewriters, reel to reels and old records.

As I mentioned, the upstairs of this home had not been touched for many many years as the health of the elderly owner declined and he could no longer make it up the steep stairs.

This upstairs area was filled with valuable audio gear from the era from turntables to reel to reel machines to expensive speakers and more.
This was a very nice abandoned time capsule house within Southern Ontario.
Inside, the main floor, while messy, was well lived in by the old farmer who lived here. He clearly had good taste in music and a good ear for audio quality, judging by the amount of high quality audio/video gear left behind in the house.
Sadly however, most of the best audio equipment and records were left upstairs, where as the years went on this old audiophile/farmer could no longer go as the stairs were simply too steep for him to risk climbing.
Upstairs was years and years of dust, caked on everything from his old tower speakers, his vinyl collection and his reel to reel tapes.
Also upstairs were three antique sewing machines as well as a number of typewriters, protected from the dust in their hard shell cases.

Take a tour inside with me and see all the interesting and valuable items left behind.

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