Exploring an Abandoned Time Capsule House with a Mummified Cat

dead cat abandoned time capsule house

Exploring an Abandoned Time Capsule House with a Mummified Cat

This location is just a simple abandoned time capsule house, some parts are time capsule like where other parts are absolutely destroyed. Sadly, there was a mummified cat inside the main bedroom.  Located in a far remote rural area and up a very long driveway, the abandoned house is mostly covered by trees and overgrowth.  Upon entering the abandoned house the stench of wild animals os almost too much to handle.

The house has been picked through and tossed with debris all over the floors, heavy water damage from holes in the roof made for some dangerous sections to walk across as well as navigating around piles of raccoon feces.

The living room and an upstairs bedroom are the best parts of the house, with a great deal of natural decay and enough interesting items to photograph.

Thanks to @Riddim Ryder for the hook up with this location, check out his gallery and video here:



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