Abandoned Time Capsule House of Horrors

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Exploring the Abandoned Time Capsule House of Horrors

Lots of explorers use the term Time Capsule House to describe a location that, quite frankly, isn’t a time capsule house. I may have been guilty of this in the past as well.

The abandoned time capsule house is like the holy grail to some people, they are the ultimate payoff for miles and miles of driving, waking up early, scouring Google Maps, exploring empty barns and shacks, run down houses and more.

Basically the Time Capsule is the payoff for the things we explore most of the time!

I’ve been privileged enough over the years to explore some stunning time capsules, and this house that I’m going to share with you this week is one of those rare ones that only come around once in a blue moon!

It was discovered by accident, I was driving between locations and my navigation system was driving me along back roads when I drove by a house that actually made me say out loud to my self…

“What…the FU$K is THAT?”

It looked like a house out of the perfect horror movie, it reminded me of The House of Horrors from The Devils Rejects.

The wood on the exterior was faded, the house was surrounded by overgrowth, old dead cars, dead trees. The windows were faded, tattered curtains could be seen in the upstairs windows, there was a busted up kids swing set and see saw barely hanging on and lastly, there was an animal skull on the porch, a goat, complete with horns.

If you asked anyone to describe the ultimate haunted looking house – this house was it!

Stare for a few moments at the pictures below and then imagine yourself standing there, camera in hand…where do you look, where do you start??

After I explored the whole house and shot wide photos of whole rooms, then I went around and did it all again but the 2nd time around I tried to focus on things, on the details, on the items that were scattered all about the place.

I challenge you all to look through these photos and see what you can find scattered about, and what might have caught your eye were you in this house!


Having photographed this entire abandoned time capsule house from a wide perspective, now I had the task of going back around and honing in on the details, looking for the items of interest that were scattered all over the rooms, on the beds, on the dressers and on the floors.  I was beginning to lose light and I had already been here a long time which is not always a good idea!

I had seen so many interesting and unique items that there was no way I could leave without capturing some of these items.

The old sewing machines always catch my eye, as well as record players but they are found al the time.  What really caught my eye was the old bride and groom cake topper, the old trophies, the original Wizard of Oz book.  But perhaps the most shocking was the old Canadian money, further research shows that these old bills of Queen Elizabeth can fetch some big money.  The bills you see on the photos are called the “Devils Face” bills and they were out into circulation around 1954 and very quickly removed from circulation and replaced with an updated, non satanic version of the queens portrait.  You can learn all about the 1954 Devils Face currency at this link.

Other items of great interest and shock were two shotguns found tucked into a corner of a closet and a fully functioning gramophone.  Below the gramophone was a box of old thick vinyl records and I could just not help but play one, see the video below.

I have come across a few old wind up gramophones in abandoned houses, the very 1st time I found one I wasn’t in my right mind and I didn’t play it.

Since the regret of that day, I always play a gramophone if I find one and if it works.

Listen to the amazing sounds of this old wartime song played on a wind up gramophone that has been collecting dust for who knows how many years.

And let me tell you, it was hard to walk out without this amazing antique!!