Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploring House Full of Contents

Abandoned Time Capsule House Exploring Full of Contents

Another Abandoned Time Capsule House Urban Exploration | Abandoned House Full of Contents

This abandoned time capsule house is the sort of house you wouldn’t expect much from however once inside you are totally amazed at what you find. This is such an amazing time capsule! Everything was for the most part as the couple had left it before they passed away.

This home was discovered in 2018 by RiddimRyder Photography while he was exploring in Southern Ontario.  We had both driven by it in the past but gave it no consideration, we should have!

The house did have some mystery to it. Most things found in the house had a date of 1996 however there were a few items such as bank records & a lottery ticket from 2002.

The couple, Gordon & Irene married & settled in Eramosa Township where they had a son. Gordon was a cattle farmer & his son carries on the tradition today. Gordon passed away at 84 in 1992 & Irene at 85 in 1996. Their son lives in a different house on the sprawling acreage & it seems he used the house perhaps to live in for a brief period of time.

Looking at the Finer Details of this Abandoned Time Capsule House

The 1966 Sears Catalogue in Abandoned Time Capsule House

While exploring this abandoned time capsule house I found a Simpson Sears Christmas Catalogue from 1966 in perfect condition!

Lets take a look through it and see what things were like back then!

Merry Christmas from Freaktography


Being that I explored this old house around Christmas time, I decided to bring along my Santa Hat, gas mask and ugly sweater and have some fun!