Abandoned Tudor Style Home with Canadian Country Music History

Abandoned Tudor Style Home with Canadian Country Music History

This abandoned Tudor Home is located within the Greater Toronto Area and was the home base of a once popular Canadian Country Music Band, Canadian Zephyr.

Valued at 1.5 million dollars, it is located in an area that is rapidly developing with new communities and subdivisions.

Join me on this exploration of an abandoned tudor style home and learn more about the Canadian Country music band that jammed here.

Canadian Zephyr was a Canadian country music group. 20 of their singles made the RPM Country tracks charts, including their #1 singles “You Made My Day Tonight” and “Guess I Went Crazy”

In total, Canadian Zephyr recorded 7 albums and 3 #1 hits and eight top 10 hits to their credit.

With most of the groups music being original compositions, Canadian Zephyr was considered ahead of their time and they were often referred to as Canada’s Soft Country Outlaws.

Canadian Zephyr earned Juno Award nominations in 1975 and again in 1977 for Country Group of The Year and during the late 70s to early 80s were frequently nominated for RPM’s Big Country awards and CCMA awards.

The group received Cover Story coverage in the March, 1981 edition of the Canadian publication Country Music News.

By 1996 Canadian Zephyr pulled the plug on their act and quietly drifted from the spotlight, with members of the group subsequently working occasional solo performances in central Ontario venues.

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