Abandoned Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan

This beautiful abandoned Ukrainian Catholic Church was my first complete exploration in Saskatchewan.
On my way here, I passed and stopped by several others but wasn’t able to access the inside.
The province is filled with gorgeous abandoned churches, slowly decaying away with time.

Abandoned Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan


Approximately 170,000 Ukrainians from the Austro-Hungarian crownlands of Galicia and Bukovina (Bukovyna) arrived in Canada from September 1891 to August 1914.

The vast majority settled in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, where they obtained land to farm.

Few of the early immigrants would have called themselves Ukrainian, but rather identified themselves as Galicians, Ruthenians, Hutsuls, Lemkos, or Bukovynians. Most Ukrainians from Galicia, including Ruthenians, Hutsuls, and Lemkos, were Greek Catholic, while those from Bukovyna were Greek Orthodox.

Today, hundreds of Ukrainian churches dot the Canadian prairies. Some are still functioning, but many are abandoned.

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