Abandoned Youth Hostel and Homeless Drug Den

Todays New Video comes from an Abandoned Hostel that has been taken over by homeless people and destructive scrappers.
Watch your step inside because there are used needles and evidence of drug use in almost every single room.
Take the tour here along with Carlo Paolozza, Cole and S0S1NC3R3
I was in this city a couple of months back and spotted this abandoned building, it was partially boarded up and clearly run down but there was steam coming out of a vent and I could see a light on inside.
Looking at the upper windows I could see these bed frames with clothes draped over them.
A walk around the property and there was definite signs of homeless activity with clothes strewn about the back, tin foil, needles and more.
I decided to hold off on attempting access to this one, then not long after I received a message with some photos of the inside from someone on Instagram, he told me I should get there fast!
My week was looking busy so I messaged my friend Jamie Mattiazzo and asked him to check it out. It still had power, running water, it was in pretty good condition and there were indeed homeless people living in the rooms upstairs. It had been a youth hostel that closed not too long ago
Less than two weeks later we joined up with Carlo Paolozza and Cole Morningstar and the place was trashed, the police were actually patrolling the area looking for the scrappers who had cut in and taken the copper, the power was cut as was the water.
The entire kitchen ceiling was gone and all of the copper taken, the air conditioning units were pulled from the windows and copper removed, and there were spent needles and burnt tin foil everywhere.
It still made for an interesting explore, I just kinda wished I had gone in the day I found i
I really wish that I had found these photos of the abandoned hostel before I went, I could have lined them up better and made way more!
You can see the poor bean bag chairs/cushions in the basement that have since had their innards spread all over the floor!

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