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Freaktography Visits the Bong Mansion Burlington The Cannabis Culture Content Hub

Many of you will remember the “Mafia Mansion“, a super unique mansion that was originally discovered by myself, RiddimRyder Photography and Carlo Paolozza.

We first explored this mansion late at night towards the end of December 2017 and we quickly knew we had found something very unique and special.

I was the first to run in and scout the building and take a look while the others waited outside in the car. This quick run through revealed an indoor pool a mid century main level and basement and then out of nowhere a super strange red room.

I ran out, told the guys and showed them a few mobile shots and we went inside to check the place out. The most insane discovery was the a secret bedroom that hidden behind a curtain behind the red entertaining room.

It was quite obvious that the people who once lived here were swingers!

Fast forward through all of 2018 and half way through 2019 and the Mafia Mansion now has a new life and a new name.

I have since learned a great deal of this location and I’m excited to finally be able to tell the story.

The home, which is located in Aldershot Ontario and a former real estate listing reads:

“Stunning property, approximately 3 acres with Lake Ontario in your backyard. One of a kind, resort like setting with incredible views.

Relax in your indoor heated pool or simply enjoy a beverage lakeside on your private deck and patio.

Parking for all your vehicles including an exclusive dock for your boat/yacht. Six possible bedrooms in total.

This home features a quaint family area on one side of the rec-room and an adult ‘Cabaret’ lounge and guest area on the other.

Spectacular showcase for relaxing or entertaining. Perfect opportunity to redevelop on the land as well. The potential is limitless.!”

Bong  Mansion Real Estate Photos

This home was once owned and lived in by a Jewish couple who did in fact partake in swinging, hence the Cabaret, secret bedroom, basement bar and lounge area plus indoor swimming pool with windows that look in the pool under water.

The land was put up for sale and for some time there were plans to demolish the home and put up a new condo community.

When these plans fell through the home was purchased by a man named Terry who has done VERY well for himself in the Cannabis industry. Terry purchased the property with plans to demolish the mid century home and build his dream home, these plans are still in place and the home has sat vacant while Terry awaits permits.

Enter two guys named Ben Rispin and Connor Lovat-Fraser from Puff Digital.

Puff Digital is “your one stop shop for customized digital content creation, syndication and distribution, servicing the rapidly growing global cannabis markets with a proven track record of online strategies for brand and talent development.”

Benjamin Rispin is the Creative Director and Charles Lovat Fraser is the Editor in Chief at Puff Digital, a few months back they were in need of a new content creation studio and being in the pot business, they knew Terry – Terry was kind enough to offer up his vacant mid century mansion to these guys to use as they want, however they want, the only stipulation is that they have to leave when the bulldozers arrive – and at this point, no one knows when that will be!

They Call it “Bong Mansion”

In all of my time doing this I have seen a few impressive reuses of vacant and abandoned buildings but this one was different, this one was special. Not only are they creating content for Puff Digital, Into The Weeds, Mass Nerder, SKUNK Magazine, Higher Mentality, Press X To Get High and so so many more, they have also opened up the door to local
– artists
– bands
– photographers
– models
– skateboarders
– graffiti artists
– even providing yoga classes by my friends Kali Ma Yoga

The support that these guys are giving to the local community and the creativity coming out of this house is like nothing I’ve personally seen or experienced before.

Ben even mentioned that people with a love of the Mid Century style have shown interest in coming to see, experience and create their own content here.

A few weeks back Carlo Paolozza and I made plans to head over and meet the guys and see the place for ourselves and I was happy to see the guys enjoying a rare bit of downtime to catch up on editing.

In what was once the master bedroom, they have now set up a full editing suite as well as a live streaming set up for the Press X to Get High Twitch account.

Another bedroom has been transformed into an office, another storage and two others just have couches to sit and chill.

In the basement, the bar has been set up and dubbed the “Dab Bar”, for those like me who didn’t know \….

“Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, resulting in sticky oils also commonly referred to as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO).

The indoor pool is scattered with musical instruments, furniture, a ladder and a skeleton in the pool sitting on a couch.

All I can say here is you need to be following the Bong Mansion on Instagram and watch how these guys have given a whole new life to this vacant mid century mansion.


Here are some new photos of the Bong Mansion I took when I visited in August of 2019.

Also, be sure to look below and watch my Bong Mansion YouTube video where I interview with Benjamin Rispin and tour the home.

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