Canadian Sculpture Artists Abandoned Mansion

Canadian Sculpture Artists Abandoned Mansion

In the spring of 2019 RiddimRyder and Zenning with Zay discovered this abandoned mansion that ended up once belonging to a very well known and esteemed Canadian Sculpture Artist.

As it turns out, this artist was well known for sculptures while also creating drawings, and prints with a focus on families, couples, mothers and children.

All throughout Canada you can see large scale versions of the artists work. The large abandoned home sits atop a hill in an area ripe with development, outside is a boat and some random farm equipment.  Inside, the home is largely empty, however as soon as you step into the artists’ studio in the basement, you are greeted with a variety of different are pieces from the artists vast collection.

On the main level, a beautiful baby grand piano, and in the basement rec room yet another baby grand.  Interesting, in the master bedroom there is a mirrored ceiling and the ensuite bathroom has a jacuzzi surrounded my mirrors including on the ceiling!

This abandoned artists home was another one of many very unique homes that are making up a great year of exploring interesting abandoned houses!

Canadian Sculpture Artists Abandoned Mansion Video and Photo Gallery


Canadian Sculpture Artists Abandoned Mansion 360 Interactive Video and Photo Gallery


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Freaktography Avante Garde Artist Posing

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