Creepy Abandoned House

Abandoned Creepy House

The Creepy Abandoned House with a Spiral Staircase and a Secret Room

Tucked far off of a main road in an Ontario town, down a long winding driveway and hidden by a number of tree’s sits this creepy abandoned house.  The outside is beautiful, a classic old farmhouse but the inside was a real surprise. Every room stacked with personal effects, toys, jewelry, beds, clothes, dressers.  The bathroom featuring a beautiful claw tub and the towels still hang on the rack.

A few years ago I believe it was my friend Ground State Photography who discovered an amazing abandoned house in Southern Ontario, the house was very large and full of unique items. The house also had an incredible spiral staircase that is the main feature of the home.
This house also had a secret hidden area that no one was able to figure out how to access, so after my first visit years ago I would have to return some day in hopes of seeing this secret room.



2017 Revisit

Earlier this year I took my friends Memento Mori Photo on a tour of some abandoned places in the province, this house was one of them. I found that some one had finally found the way into the secret attic.
Inside this secret attic I found a treasure trove of antique items, from an expensive antique typewriter to old vintage photos and some very valuable games. At a first glance it didn’t seem like there was much to see, other than a whole bunch of empty boxes. Well, I moved a number of those boxes to discover that they were hiding a bunch of rare and unique antique items, but most exciting were an old aluminum table hockey game and an electric car racing kit.

Abandoned House and Secret Room Video