Roadside Memorials

Dale Boeru Roadside Memorial Kitchener Ontario

This is the Dale Boeru Roadside Memorial in Kitchener, Ontario

Many of the roadside memorials I find have to remain anonymous because over time the names on the crosses have faded away.  In the case of this tragic memorial I am able to provide some information found doing some research.

This is the Roadside Memorial of Dale Boeru who lost his life when the tractor-trailer he was driving collided with another on Highway 401, just west of his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario.

Dale Boeru, from what I have read was a very well known and highly respected member of the Canadian Drag Racing scene. The National Drag Racing Association has a great piece done on Dale, published after his death and his funeral.  He was a true champion of the sport and worked hard to promote the sport, you can read the entire story done by the NDRA on Dale at this link below:

NDRA – Dale Boeru Story


Roadside Memorials
Roadside Memorial in Kitchener, Ontario for Dale Boeru, who was known as a champion of the Canadian Drag Racing scene.