Demolition by Neglect The Original Toronto Sick Kids Hospital

In 1899 a group of 22 local women from Toronto met for tea and formed themselves into a committee to begin working on a Home for Incurable Children.

18 of these women member later went on to found the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

This now abandoned hospital actually started out as a Home for Incurable Children almost 120 years ago was renamed the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada’s largest children rehabilitation hospital and is considered to be the Original Toronto Sick Kids Hospital

In 1987 the government funded the purchase of the Villa Private Hospital by Bloorview Kids Rehab to be used as a 100 bed long term care facility for children that were too old to reside at Bloorview Kids Rehab and needed additional care prior to integrating into the community.

Vila Private Hospital was renamed the Vaughan Glen Hospital.

Many of the residents of this facility eventually transitioned to living in group homes. This facility has a history of providing unique heath care services in this region until its purchase by the current owner in 1994.

In 2005 it was added by Vaughan City Council to the “Listing of Building of Architectural and Historical Value” commonly known as the “Register of Property of Cultural Value”.

In 2012, at the recommendation of the Heritage Vaughan Committee, the Vaughan City council passed a motion to preserve the structure.