Drone Light Painting Abandoned House with Lume Cube

Drone Photography

Drone Photography with my Mavic Mini

Below will be an ongoing gallery of Drone Photography taken with my DJI Mavic Mini Drone


Drone Lighting Photography

Recently, I tried drone light painting photography for the first time and it was pretty interesting!

I had no idea what to expect or how it would turn out and I had very little to go on for examples or inspiration.

I used a Lume Cube Air at max brightness and we mounted it to a DJI Phantom 4 Pro operated by @roverfpv who responded to my Instagram post for a drone operator to help me out.

Here are the results, a bit too much light pollution for what I was hoping for but not too much I do about that I guess!For those who are wondering how we went about getting these long exposure drone light painting shots, here is what we did.

For the first location we started out with roverfpv moving the drone back and forth and side to side to try and illuminate the whole house but we weren’t seeing the results that we wanted. Also, if I could help it I didn’t want the drone in the frame because then I would have to clone out the lights from the drone in post.

Then, we realized that we got better results when the drone was stationary and positioned above the house and out of frame, I was much happier with this method.

Next, we moved onto another abandoned house in Burlington, Ontario where I could position my camera straight onto the front of the house and not to the side.  Here we went right to the stationary drone light painting technique and we found that we got the photos much quicker this way.

Lastly, we both wanted to get the halo effect with the drone circling above the house, this was fun to set up, watch and shoot as the drone simply flew in cirlcles around the house!

Here are my long exposure drone light painting photos, I will add more as roverfpv and I test out other ways to utilize this exciting new technology!

Drone Lighting Photography

Drone Light Painting Abandoned House with Lume Cube

Drone Light Painting Abandoned House with Lume Cube


Drone Light Painting Abandoned House with Lume Cube



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