Exploring a 170 Year Old Historic Abandoned Church

Exploring a 170 Year Old Historic Abandoned Church

In today’s adventure we’re exploring an abandoned church that dates back to the mid 1800’s, this historic abandoned church is over 170 years old.

The land for both the church and the cemetery were donated 1848. the original land owner had obtained the land through a patent from the crown on July 14, 1841. Both he and his wife Catherine along with several of their children are buried here.

The community where this church is located built a log frame church during the first year of the settlement.

As the town grew there was a need for a larger church a man named Joseph Garner donated land for a church and cemetery in 1830. The existing church that I am in now wasn’t built until 1843 and it was made from locally made bricks.

The church has been modified several times over the years. By 1869 the town had grown large enough that more room was needed and the church was expanded to add a Sunday School room.

In 1897 the church basement was excavated and a furnace was added. Church union occurred in 1925 and the name of the church was changed to a United Church. Two years later the first electric lights were added, replacing the oil lamps in the church. Finally, in 1957 a small kitchen was added.

The first recorded burial in the church cemetery took place in 1837. Joseph and Catherine Gardner lost two infant daughters, both of whom were named Catherine. The first one perished in 1837 and was buried on the corner of the family farm. Later both Joseph and his wife, Catherine, would be buried in the cemetery that surrounded the church.

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