Exploring a Six Million Dollar Mansion

six million dollar mansion

Exploring a Six Million Dollar Mansion

While out on a day of exploring I met up with friends Carlo Paolozza and Terry Wilson for a few abandoned mansions in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) we were looking at the exterior of one abandoned mansion when a worker from the construction site next door came by and we struck up a conversation. He told us that the same person who owns the site he is working on also owns the two properties to the left, those being the house we were looking at now and the one next door.

He said that they are both vacant and are both going to be demolished for future condo developments, then he said we are welcome to park on site and go in to see the two houses and told us which doors are open.


Since I had already explored the house we were standing at, I let Terry and Carlo do their work while I headed next door to check out this new house.

It was on a very large piece of property set well back from the road and from the outside was a very plain and vanilla looking house. I found the door that the worker said to go in and as I entered this house with his permission I walked through a bunch of spider webs, this would happen a dozen times in this house and you can often see me wiping them from my head in the video.

The inside of the house was beautiful, classy, colourful and clearly a lot of thought and interior design went into his home.

It was a bit dated with the wallpaper, curtains and other design elements, but it was a beautiful home to explore!!

Inside there are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a large living room, library, kitchen and dining area.  In the basement you will find a fireplace in the rec room and a bathroom/laundry room with wallpaper from the 1960’s still n the walls!

Research shows that the man and woman who owned this estate lived here for almost 50 years, the husband passed away in 2007 and his wife died in the home in 2017.  The home was quickly put on the real estate market for just over $7,000,000 and sold to a developer for $6,000,000.  The home, along with its neighbour will be demolished to make way for a future development.





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