Exploring a Vacant 1900’s Abandoned Tudor Mansion

Exploring a Vacant 1900’s Abandoned Tudor Mansion

When this large tudor style mansion was sold in the summer of 2019 an application was put forth to have the property demolished to make room for two new houses.

The neighbours were not having any of this and they set up a petition against the demolition.  In the summer og 2020 the Toronto and East York Community Council agreed to include the property in Toronto’s Heritage Register.

This large Tudor style mansion within the Greater Toronto Area was owned and lived in for several decades by a philanthropist and an industrialist who played a large role in the establishment of the Canadian steel industry.

This property was listed for sale at roughly $6,000,000 and once it was sold, work on the home commenced.

While my visit with RiddimRyder was a few months too late, it was still a pleasure to see the inside and to explore what is left of the interior.  By the time we got there, many walls had been torn down, plaster chipped away, wall paper peeled off and carpets rolled up.  Thankfully however, the beautiful grand staircase remained in tact!

Here are some photos below of how the interior looked for our short visit to this old vacant tudor style mansion



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