Exploring an Abandoned 8 Million Dollar Mansion 360 Degree Interactive Photo and Video

Abandoned Mansion Converted to Church and School

Exploring an Abandoned 8 Million Dollar Mansion 360 Degree Interactive Photo and Video

This abandoned mansion with a value of $8,000,000 and it is going to be demolished to build a multi unit condo building on the site. Also, this is the first location where I am launching the full new Freaktography experience with a photo gallery, a video and then a 360 interactive video and 360 virtual reality photos.

A few people are staking claim to it’s discovery, but it was given to me by Zenning with Zay and RiddimRyder Photography after they discovered it and explored it, as soon as they found it!

It’s a unique layout with a bridge on the top floor to the master bedroom and a beautiful staircase that winds from the top floor to the basement.

Most interesting is the pool room which they have covered up the pool to create another room. The mansion used to be someones home but then it was converted into a church and (I believe) a music school.

A baby grand piano can still be found in that pool room.The now abandoned mansion has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a 3 car garage, outside has a tennis court and an awesome treehouse!

Here is the 360 Interactive Video Version of the Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Mansion Photo Gallery



360 Degree Virtual Reality and Interactive Photography Gallery of this Abandoned Mansion

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