Exploring an Abandoned Diner in New Jersey

abandoned diner in new jersey

Exploring an Abandoned Diner in New Jersey: What We Found Inside

This classic old dairy bar opened in 1956 and it still has the original exterior signage on the roof.
Internet research shows that this was a trendy destination for many decades with travellers stopping by regularly as well as locals coming by for their monthly car meets in the parking lot
On the right side of the diner is a walk-in/eat-in burger restaurant with limited seating, on the left side is a walk-up iced cream bar where you order from the window.
In 2011, a local family serving food for over 80 years purchased the dairy bar and managed it as a family operation until they closed it in October of 2021.
The final post on the Facebook page for this classic old roadside diner was in October of 2021, noting that they will be closing for the season
In 2024, RiddimRyder and I were on our way to another location when we passed this and decided to stop to check it out.

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