Exploring An Actual Abandoned Haunted House: 2012 – 2022 Comparisons

Today we’re exploring a beautiful abandoned farmhouse built in 1856.
In the past, ghost hunters have performed investigations in this house and many of them have reported hearing the voices and presence of at least four different people, two male and two female.
Here, in part 1 of a 2 part exploration of this abandoned house, I explore by day, comparing photos to my first visit here in 2012.
In part two, I return at night to see if I can conjure the spirits of the 4 ghosts who are said to inhabit this abandoned house
A hole in the roof of an abandoned house can be a death sentence for that house, unless the property owner acts fast to fix them.
The smallest hole in the roof will allow the elements, the weather and the animals to enter which advances the decay and the rot that much quicker.
As far as protecting and preserving a location is concerned, a hole in the roof is a terrible thing.
However, for an abandoned enthusiast and photographer, holes in the roof are amazing!
Not only do these holes advance the decay, but even a small hole in the roof provides the perfect amount of lighting to enhance a room and the photograph.
Here are six examples from this house of natural lighting from holes in the roof.
Above, we talked about the benefits of natural light courtesy of holes in the roof.
Now we’re looking at the parts of the house, which was most of the house, that required artificial lighting.
Each of these photos were illuminated with a single Lume Cube Panel Pro.
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I received an email from a local with some information about the house.
Before I continue, I should mention that I don’t really believe in ghosts or hauntings and that is based on my personal lack of unexplainable experiences.
In 10 years of exploring these places, I can count on one hand the experiences that are not fully explainable – but even those few experiences I can sort of explain.
I did this “investigation” after reading a pretty convincing report on another investigation in which a lot of activity was allegedly captured.
I went in with an open mind and came home with the same opinion that I had going in.
Here is the email I received yesterday (certain words removed to not expose the location)
I saw you speak quite a while ago for REDACTED Camera Club and I believe I asked you about this farmhouse. I am recently retired from a Library and I used to do an amateur ghost talk about various places mostly in REDACTED.
This farm property does have an historical designation included is the house and the barn. Last I heard REDACTED owned the property, don’t quote me I could be wrong. The original property extended down to REDACTED and was one of the original land grants to a REDACTED.
The property, as far as ghosts are concerned, is linked with the REDACTED Estate across the street.
The investigations are written up in a book REDACTED
He was a paranormal investigator working on some historical properties in the City of REDACTED. Allegedly there was a young girl Tanya, who was murdered down by the creek on the Mansion property.
Her mother worked at the farm (hence “my baby”). Her murderer was lynched on the farm property and AUTHOR claims buried in the foundation of the mansion’s coach house. This has never been substantiated.
ANOTHER AUTHOR wrote the book Haunted REDACTED and both properties are in that account.
It makes me sad to see this house decaying as it is so beautiful and historical, it was one of the first places to grow Strawberries in the area.
Thanks for looking at it again. FYI I’m a bit of a sceptic on the ghost thing but it is an interesting way to learn the history of an area.
So, there you have some more information about the house and the stories that back up the claims of paranormal activities here!

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