Exploring a Condemned Abandoned and Deserted Catholic Church

Condemned Abandoned And Deserted Catholic Church

This old crumbling catholic church has been Abandoned for several years and is on a direct path to demolition.

Built between 1951 and 1953 in the catholic tradition, this church was still serving the community in 2009.

The place of worship was acquired by a numbered company in 2013 and was supposed to be turned into a hotel-condominium.

However, the buyer never fully paid the parish council for the building, nor did it pay its municipal taxes. In 2015, the city was said to be preparing to force the developer to sell the property. The site has fallen prey to squatters and recurrent fires, suffering from a serious lack of maintenance.

The owner of the church says he has plans for the building, indicating that he has sent permit applications and maintains that it is the City that is delaying the development of its projects.

The City however, declares that it has not received any concrete project plan.