Exploring the Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort: A Journey Through Time

Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort in Florida

Exploring the Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort - Video

Exploring the Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort: A Journey Through Time

Welcome to another exploration with Freaktography. Today, we delve into the eerie remnants of the once-luxurious Orlando Sun Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. Once a bustling hub for tourists visiting nearby attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the resort now stands as a ghostly monument to its former glory.

The Rise of Orlando Sun Resort

The Orlando Sun Resort opened its doors in the early 1990s. Its sprawling grounds, multiple pools, lavish suites, and top-notch amenities quickly made it a popular destination for families and tourists. The resort epitomized the Florida vacation dream, drawing countless visitors each year.

The Decline and Fall

However, the resort’s glory days were short-lived. By the mid-2000s, it began to suffer from financial difficulties due to poor management, increasing competition, and the economic downturn of 2008. In 2010, the Orlando Sun Resort closed its doors. The staff departed, and nature began reclaiming the property, transforming it into an eerie and silent reminder of the past.

A Historical Overview

Originally built in 1972 by the Carolando Corporation, the resort was envisioned as a prime location just outside the soon-to-be-built Walt Disney World. Financial troubles soon hit Carolando, and they sold the property to the Hyatt Corporation. Hyatt completed the construction, creating over 3,400 hotel rooms and a convention center.

The Hyatt Orlando Resort struggled to attract guests in the early to mid-1990s. By 2002, it was in serious financial trouble. The local tourism economy was collapsing, and visitors to Walt Disney World preferred to stay on Disney property. Despite efforts to revitalize the area, the hotel continued to flounder.

New Ownership and Brief Revival

The property was eventually purchased at auction by the Moinian Group from New York. They planned to convert the hotel rooms into condominiums, but while waiting for investors and permits, the hotel sat vacant for several years. In 2007, Moinian decided to reopen the hotel temporarily, hoping to generate some income. The hotel underwent a nearly $1 million refurbishment and was renamed the Orlando Sun Resort.

Despite efforts to attract new business, including DJ dance parties and boxing matches, the revival failed. Guests complained of hot water issues, moldy rooms, and a lackluster pool. The resort closed once again in 2012.

Current State and Future Plans

The abandoned Orlando Sun Resort sits on a prime location on US-192, right outside Walt Disney World and across from the Disney-created Town of Celebration. The resort’s pod design, with octagon-shaped buildings, was considered futuristic and modern in the 1970s. At its peak, it was the largest hotel in Florida.

In 2021, the property was purchased by another New York company that received a generous grant from Osceola County to improve the site. However, no progress has been made, and the hotel remains abandoned.

In March 2024, plans were revealed to transform the abandoned resort into a massive new tourism destination, including hotels, attractions, restaurants, retail, and more. The “Ovation” project aims to create a 77-acre entertainment district, raising the old resort to the ground in favor of this ambitious new development.

My Exploration Experience

During my exploration, I encountered several rooms in one wing of the abandoned hotel being lived in by squatters. Their presence, along with my desire to avoid any potential conflicts, prompted me to leave the area and not disturb the residents.

Join me as we continue to uncover the hidden stories and forgotten places that time has left behind.

Then and Now - Abandoned Orlando Sun Resort

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