– Exploring the Abandoned Parry Sound Hospital | Abandoned St Josephs Hospital

Exploring the Abandoned Parry Sound Hospital | Abandoned St Josephs Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital was originally a three story wooden house built in the 1890s. The 4 storey South Wing was added in 1938 and the 2 storey East Wing was added in 1951. Both additions were made of concrete and steel.

In 1995, St. Joseph’s Hospital, which provided chronic care, merged with The Parry Sound District Hospital, which provided acute care.

“Parry Sound was the first community directed to build a new hospital by the province’s Health Services Restructuring Commission,” says Norman Maciver, chief executive officer of The West Parry Sound Health Centre. The new West Parry Sound Health Centre opened in 2005, at which time St. Joseph’s hospital was closed and has sat vacant ever since.

This now abandoned hospital has been a must see for abandoned enthusiasts, ghost hunters and urban explorers ever since this hospital was closed in 2005.

My visit with RiddimRyder in the summer of 2019 was obviously very long overdue, but for RiddimRyder he has already been, so navigation of the abandoned hospital was a breeze.

We entered through a very inconspicuous opening and made our way all the way to the top floor, as we like to do. We navigated the hallways, dark corridors and rooms looking for familiar scenes that we’ve seen in many past explorers photos. Highlights of this location are the physical therapy room, the x-ray room, the laundry room and of course the morgue.

The original three story wooden house from the late 1800’s is still there and the floors were very very soft, we stepped with caution as we explored these old floors.

Time and elements have not been good to this abandoned hospital and with every cold Canadian winter and hot Canadian summer more holes appear, more water damage erodes at the structure and more damage is done

As of June 2019, the town and the owners have requested that an engineering study be performed on the structural integrity of this old abandoned hospital. Town staff said the building is deteriorating largely due to lack of proper maintenance.

What the future holds for the abandoned Parry Sound hospital remains, as of October 2019 the old Parry Sound hospital is completely sealed with fresh boards on all windows from inside.

Abandoned Parry Sound Hospital Photo Gallery

Abandoned Parry Sound Hospital 360 Degree Photo Gallery



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