Famous Canadian Artists Abandoned Home Urban Exploration

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Famous Canadian Artists Abandoned Home Urban Exploration

A new abandoned discovery in the home of a well known Canadian artist who died in this home.

He was reading “The Farfarers” by Farley Mowat before his death and the bookmark is still in the place of the last page he read.

In the living room, unfinished pieces of future art sit along with his paint brushes and other materials.

This is the vacant home of a famed Canadian artist who was known for his often controversial work in promoting environmental awareness.

The artist would often use his work to confront political leaders about the dangers of indusrty to our air, water and soil.

The artist passed away in his home leaving behind a great collection of his life’s work and a life well lived and many children and grandchildren to carry on his name.

The artist was born and raised in Romania where he developed his artistic abilities and explored nature.  He and his 8 siblings lived in Romania during World War 2, it was during this time as he witnessed bombings, conflict and destruction that he realized how easily man can destroy and alter nature.

To help provide for his large family, the artist and his older brother sold produce to Nazi soldiers heading back to Germany from the Russian front.

In the early 50’s he decided to move to Canada and took up residence in BC, falling in love with nature and the wilderness that surrounded him.  Some years later while visiting his family in California the artist witnessed a major oil spill, disgusted by what he had witnessed, he decided to dedicate his life to his art and to promote environmental awareness.

After a long and passionate life, the artist passed away in this home just after his 86rh birthday.


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