Found Money, War Medals and Priceless Toys in Abandoned Time Capsule House

found money and medals in abandoned house

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This abandoned house was doing the rounds in late 2022/early 2023, most of the pics I had seen were taken at night, poorly lit with a flashlight.

s0s1nc3r3 and I headed there for a daytime visit and the feeling was definitely eerie, almost like someone was going to walk in at any moment.

However, the smell inside, the fact that the yard had not been kept up for months and the collapsing ceiling upstairs told a different story.

The others who had been here before us failed to notice the small gold case in a bedroom that contained war medals and other pins.

They also didn’t find the 1954 $100 bill that was in a dresser drawer under the medals.

s0s1nc3r3 and I took our pictures and then hid these items in a different spot and told only a few of our trusted friends, one of those friends hid them even better on a visit not long after.

Some have claimed that these items are now gone, but no – they are just very well hidden. But maybe someone did steal them, and if they did, oh well, this stuff happens all the time.

The basement was fantastic, full of old toys from the 1980s, old Barbie Dolls, the Fisher-Price barn set and so much more!

Join s0s1nc3r3 and I into the depths of an abandoned house frozen in time. Prepare to be amazed as we uncover hidden treasures that have been locked away for decades, waiting for the right explorer to stumble upon them.

In this gripping exploration, we stumble upon more than just the remnants of a forgotten home. As we carefully navigate the decaying structure, we stumble upon a stash of old money, turning a derelict room into a treasure trove of history. Imagine the excitement as we reveal the forgotten riches that have remained hidden for years.

But the surprises don’t end there! My keen eye and adventurous spirit lead me to a collection of war medals, each one telling a unique and heroic story of a bygone era. These medals offer a glimpse into the lives of those who served, and their forgotten sacrifices are honored once more.

As if that wasn’t astonishing enough, we uncover a stash of priceless toys from a bygone era, taking us on a nostalgic journey back in time. These forgotten relics of childhood bring back memories and stir up a sense of wonder as we see them once again.

This thrilling exploration is not just about finding forgotten treasures; it’s a tribute to the past and the stories that lie within these abandoned walls. Join us as we delve into the mystery, history, and emotion of this incredible adventure with Freaktography.

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