Freaktography Explores an Abandoned Factory

Freaktography Explores an Abandoned Factory


Every Abandoned Factory looks amazing from the OUTSIDE, but this abandoned factory SUCKED from the inside!

I walked a good 15 minutes through knee high snow, then I spent another 15 minutes looking for a way inside, I was so excited to finally get in, only to find that this very large and abandoned factory was totally empty inside.




But since I was there, I may as well shoot a video and take some photos right?

The employees at this now abandoned factory were blindsided by the news they’re out of a job. The manufacturer shut down abruptly in November 2015. The cities mayor said the company told him work has simply evaporated.

Almost 140 employees worked at the factory and they say they were all told not to speak to the media. But on social media, one worker said, “I got a phone call this morning for a meeting to tell us we had no job.” Another said, “I had worked there for two months. I met some great people, but unfortunately I knew the place would not last.”

The former business moved into the plant only 2 years before.