Freaktography The Ghost Hunter

Freaktography The Ghost Hunter


The weekend before Halloween I hit a number of abandoned places looking for answers to many of the questions I am often asked.

    1. “Do you ever see ghosts?”
    2. “Have you ever experienced anything unexplainable or paranormal?”
    3. “Where is all the dust??
    4. “Do you believe in ghosts??”

FACT – 1

About a month ago I went to an abandoned house and I hid my GOPro camera in a corner and set it to record periodically, I wanted to see what happens and if there were any unexplainable activities in the house.

This past weekend I went back to gather the footage and I was shocked to see what I had filmed. I’ve also slowed the video down in case you didn’t see it. This is truly a strange apparition that can not be denied.

Watch the video below to see what I captured…..



One of the most frequent comments I get when I post photos of abandoned houses is: “Where is all the dust?”

I also hear: “No dust – not abandoned”

Some people even say: “I call bull shit, my house is dustier than that after one week”

Well, to all you dust nazis and naysayers – I present to you proof why there is rarely any dust in an abandoned house…it’s the ghosts, they like to live in a clean house as is evident in this rare photo I captured with a hidden camera that I placed in an abandoned house.

It would appear that this ghost is actually vacuuming the carpet??

So, think twice before you start questioning the validity of an abandoned house, just because there isn’t much dust.

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As many of you know, I often explore with my good friend RiddimRyder Photography, well yesterday he saw my video and decided to go and see for himself because he… many of you, is a non-believer.

He set up his camera in the living room of the house and enjoyed a newspaper and he waited for something to happen. He was in the same position for almost three hours on the couch and experienced nothing. It wasn’t until he got home and reviewed his footage that he realized what had happened. My friend RiddimRyder had also captured (what appears to be) the same ghost, in the same room, in the same house.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…I have once again added a slow motion clip at the end, just in case you missed it.



As we approach Halloween and the alleged appearances of ghosts and hauntings are increasing I’m devoting this entire week to not only answering your questions but to show you the realities of ghosts and the things they are capable of.

This week you have seen how they clean, how they wander around aimlessly in houses and how they can walk right by you and you not even know it.

For this feature I show you a whole other side of hauntings and proof of ghosts in abandoned places.

This past weekend I explored an abandoned home in South Western Ontario and stupidly I left my cell phone behind. I wasn’t even gone for 6 minutes when I realized what I had done

I rushed back to the house and grabbed my phone and I was horrified by what I found on my phone. I was only gone a short while…..

See for yourself what was found on my phone.

 FACT #5

Often times I am asked by people “Have you ever felt or experienced anything out of the ordinary in abandoned houses?”

Often times I am in a very dark room and I have to resort rto long exposure photography in order to capture a scene and bring in enough light. While I personally have never seen or felt anything, there are a few times when I come home and look at my photos that something doesn’t seem quite right.

Take this scene for example, this is a 30 second exposure in an extremely dark room, in the time that I stood there waiting for my camera to take in the light – this appeared in the frame, however I didn’t see anything while I was standing there.

The Truth is out there….

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Spooking people is hard work, staying up all night scaring people, always having to be scary…’s a tough job.

Sometimes ghosts just want to sit back and chill out and not be bothered, in the case of this ghost his anger issues come from being constantly interrupted from his favourite TV show.

So, if we have learned anything this week…….nevermind we have learned nothing this week!

I hope you have enjoyed the posts this week, it’s been fun!

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