Beauty in Decay 2020 | The Ghost of Screaming Tunnel

the legend of screaming tunnel Niagara

Beauty in Decay 2020 | The Ghost of Screaming Tunnel

Local Urban Legend says that this haunted tunnel in Niagara Falls, Ontario still holds the dying screams of a girl who burned alive inside.

The tunnel, known to locals as as “Screaming Tunnel” was created in the early 1900s as a drainage passage to keep the tracks from being lost beneath flood waters, also to help the crops and farmers fields from flooding.

Made from 125 feet of limestone bricks, the tunnel took on a haunted air early in its existence as moss and algae took hold of the porous stones. Given its eerie look, it is no wonder the simple tunnel became home to its own legend.

There are several versions of the tale of Screaming Tunnel,

According to one version of the story, a local farm near the tunnel caught fire one night and a young girl ran screaming from the blaze, hair and clothes alight. Before she could find help, the girl collapsed right in the middle of the tunnel, perishing from her burns.

A second version of the story claims that the young girl is burnt to death in the tunnel by her father, mad with rage.

Whatever the real story might be, all stories agree on the outcome: the girl’s spirit still haunts the tunnel and if a flame is lit inside the tunnel around midnight, you can hear her scream and she will blow out your flame.