Honest Eds Toronto

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Urban Exploration Video inside the historic and iconic Honest Ed’s department store in Toronto, Ontario. Opened in 1948 and closed in early 2017, this was a legendary and very popular location for tourists and locals.

The building was listed for sale in July of 2016 for $100,000,000 and ultimately closed for good on December 31st 2016.  It is said that David Mirvish, the son of Ed Mirvish may not have had the same passion as his father did for the store.  That, mixed with competition from stores like WalMart and online shopping led to the fall of this iconic place.

On the bright side, a portion of the classic and legendary Honest Eds sign will be preserved and saved to be hung on a back wall of the Ed Mirvish theatre in Toronto.

Once the building closed I had the opportunity to explore the inside of the building before demolition started.  The store was largely empty but there were still many signs and remnants of the stores past to be seen all over.

It’s a long video but a great chance to see the inside once more before they tear down the building and start building condo towers.