Law and Order Stuffy Bears Unit: Tiny Goes to Jail

Law and Order Stuffy Bears Unit: Tiny Goes to Jail

In the teddy bear justice system, teddy bear offenses are considered especially heinous.

In Ontario Canada, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Snuggly Bear Unit.

These are their stories.


Meet Tiny, once the main companion and sense of comfort and security to a sweet little girl named Victoria.

For 12 years, Tiny took care of Victoria, accompanying her anywhere she went, without hesitation.


Until Victoria turned 13 years old and was no longer in need of her small squishy security and comfort teddy bear.


Left abandoned and unwanted in a dirty bin full of other old Teddy Bears, Tiny grew angry. With each passing day, Tiny felt a sense of abandonment. Needing to break free, Tiny escaped the confines of the land of unwanted squishies and moved into a world of deviance and despair…….and freedom.

Tiny’s first introduction to crime was in the world of graffiti, tagging her name on walls all over the city, finally she was caught red handed after painting her tag on a wall. She was sent to prison for this first offence.


When she got out on good behaviour Tiny dabbled in gambling and card counting, but having no skills in mathematics or even how to play cards, Tiny was quickly caught, arrested and served time, once again.


Upon release, Tiny got into the wrong crowd in the seedy underworld of adult entertainment.

tiny goes to prison


After a date gone bad with the pink teddy bear from Breaking Bad, Tiny was arrested at the scene of the crime and sent back to the slammer, for a third time.


After her release from prison Tiny made friends with an old washed up star from the 1980s’ Teddy Ruxpin, together Teddy and Tiny would rob banks together, known as the Tiny Bandits, they caused havoc in every town they visited


However, growing increasingly tired of Teddy always asking Tiny if they can be friends, finally she had enough one day and Tiny sliced off Teddys nose and mouth.


She was caught with the weapon, a large glass shard of glass – this was the last nail in the tiny coffin of Tiny, she was sent back to the slammer, this time for a long long bid.

Prison was not kind to Tiny, from the blue glove body cavity inspections, to the public showers, the isolation, to the fact that she could not fit on the toilet, and to the abuse at the hands of other inmates.

Tiny had accepted the fact that she would never be leaving this god forsaken place


Don’t let your old teddy bears suffer the same fate as Tiny

Donate your old stuffies and Teddy Bears to your local fire department or women’s shelter.

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