Old Abandoned Farm House Ontario

Here is a classic old abandoned farmhouse, slightly hidden from view thanks to the trees and growth.
Having passed this one many times over the years I’d noticed that the barns and buildings in the back are still used and the house is well watched by a very judgemental cow!
The home has always looked to be abandoned, so one day when judgemental security cow wasn’t looking – I headed in to investigate!
Having driven past this property a number of times over the years, the barns and land seem to definitely be used – but that this house just never looked maintained or lived in.
My suspicions were right and it was fantastic inside, a real treat to walk in and see this crumbling and decaying living room with the couches and chairs, the green walls and generations of wallpaper layers.
In the video I get into detail with the many layers of different paint and wallpapers.
The vines growing and consuming the rooms was impressive and I’d love to get back and see it when they are full and green.

Speaking of green, there was an awesome green chair in one of the bedrooms upstairs that I couldn’t help but take several pictures of!

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