Abandoned House Frozen in Time | Pop Culture | Antique Toys

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Abandoned House Frozen in Time | Pop Culture | Antique Toys

On my way to scout and explore some potential new locations, I pass a house that I had seen before, but always passing on my way to do something that was more important at the time.

On this day, there is snow on the ground and I decide to stop at this house and observe, from the outside this house certainly looks derelict, what little I can see through the windows looks empty and unused, but the biggest giveaway is the lack of tire tracks or footprints on the driveway and around the house.

I exit my car and approach the house, ready and willing to strike up a conversation should I meet someone unexpectedly, I round a side of the house and spot something that tells me there is no way someone would be living in this house.

The rest of the details I will spare you here, but as I enter the abandoned house I am immediately greeted by this note on the kitchen table.

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I call out many times to be certain I am alone, with a heightened state of alertness I step in deeper and deeper into the house, continuation to call in.

The familiar smell of an abandoned house, the cobwebs getting stuck in my hair and the scurry of raccoons feet running up in the attic.

There is a story to be had here, I don’t yet know what it is – but this house is full of old old items, antiques, furniture, instruments and more. Also lots of empty boxes and full garbage bags.

I have found something special here, so I take my time and I explore and I wonder and I photograph.

An absolutely amazing find in Southern Ontario, this incredible abandoned house has been left to slowly rot after the apparent passing of both residents of the home.

A true to the term Time Capsule House, this home holds more treasures than I could ever try to mention here.

Toys that date back to the 50’s, through the 60’s, 70’s, and all the way to the 80’s and 90’s. A stellar record collection that starts with early jazz and country and continues through the decades stopping somewhere in the mid 80’s.

Stacks upon stacks of old magazines that document an entire history of pop culture through the generations, including what looks like every TV Guide ever printed!

Buried beneath stacks of filled garbage bags, piles of magazines clothes and furniture sits an entire families history and stories, staring with original birth certificates, original black and white wedding photos and a teenage girls bedroom with Platinum Blonde posters still on the walls.

Pop Culture, Antique Toys and Music History

All through this amazing abandoned house I was finding bits of Pop Culture history from the 70’s into the 80’s from old Barbie Dolls, Magazines with ET on the cover from 1982, comic books, board games that are so well preserved they would no doubt fetch a lot of money.

I found a very impressive record collection that started with early Jazz and Country all the way through the 50’s, 60’s right up into the late 80’s.

The Basement of this Abandoned House

For some reason I have a bad habit of not checking basements in abandoned houses. I’m not sure why. Not all the time but sometimes I’ll look down the stairs and say “nah there’s nothing down there”

Well I’m glad that on my second visit to this incredible abandoned house that I decided to check it out. There was so much stuff down there but sadly, much like the upstairs most of it is buried under all kinds of stuff.

Here is a look at what I managed to find:



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  1. I’m always torn when I see houses like these, I would never steal but a part of me would prefer that someone “save” the treasures than see assholes smash & burn everything.

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