Renovations Gone Wrong An Abandoned Mansion Disaster

Renovations Gone Wrong Abandoned Mansion Disaster

Renovations Gone Wrong, An Abandoned Mansion Disaster

This beautiful large mansion and property in a prestigious and wealthy Ontario Canada neighbourhood is a renovations gone wrong nightmare!

From the outside, this large abandoned mansion which is worth approximately $8,000,000 CDN is beautiful with a Formal French Garden, Swimming Pool With Waterfall & Fountain, In-Ground Hot Tub, Putting Green, Mini Orchard and a Four Car Garage.

Inside however is a whole other story, every wall has been ripped out and flooring has been removed, only 3 or 4 parts of the original interior still remain and those are a library, but you can’t go in that room otherwise you’ll fall in the basement.  There is one bathroom still somewhat intact, an oddly shaped sunroom looking room and the bar in the basement.

It would appear that there was at one time a fire in this house and attempts were made to remove all smoke damage and begin the renovation process, however given the conditions inside and the amount of time the home has been in this state – I think it’s safe to say that this large luxury mansion and property has been left abandoned!